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The Gift of ART
Garden Roses

We are delighted to present our Limited-Edition Metal Prints collection, which showcases a stunning selection of still-life photography inspired by the 17th-century Dutch Art of the Golden Age and European Baroque Tradition. Each metal print is a unique work of art, created by transferring vivid imagery onto aluminum canvases, which are then float-mounted in frames, resulting in a distinctive, contemporary, and long-lasting piece.

Garden-Roses Metal-Print

 In the past, old masters utilized copper sheets to produce their most exquisite still-life images. These sheets were carefully polished to create a smooth and durable surface that allowed for the smallest details to be painted with precision, such as the delicate petals of a flower or the tiny droplets of water on a leaf. The process of creating these images required immense skill and dedication, as the artists had to work meticulously to ensure that every stroke of the brush was perfect.


 Today, as a contemporary artist, Yana Slutskaya continues to pay homage to this classic art form by using modern photography techniques, such as light painting, to capture the essence of still-life images. By crafting these images onto aluminum metal sheets, she strives to create a unique and stunning work of art that captures the beauty and intricacy of the natural world. This process requires a deep understanding of both traditional art techniques and modern technology to seamlessly blend the two to create a truly breathtaking piece.


 Unlike traditional printing methods, metal prints deliver a depth of image often described as three-dimensional and lifelike, making them a popular choice for art collectors and enthusiasts.

Float frame Garden Roses

Our metal prints are made using ChromaLuxe manufacturing technology, which employs the world's finest dye sublimation media to bring even the smallest details to life.

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Immerse yourself in a distinctive assortment of Still Life Photography that takes inspiration from the timeless paintings of the classic European Golden Age.

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