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Still Life Photography
"Natura Morta"

The Gift of ART

"In this series of fine art photographs titled "Natura Morta", I aim to capture the beauty of everyday objects I cherish, including flowers, fruits, seashells, antiques, and other collectibles I gather.

My goal is to seize the fleeting beauty of these objects in time.


Drawing inspiration from the Dutch Golden Age and Italian Baroque painting traditions, I strive to convey the emotional intensity and sense of drama that these paintings evoke in the observer through my photographs. With this series of images, I aim to create new still-life impressions that showcase the beauty of everyday objects we often take for granted.


It is fascinating that people throughout the centuries continue to value the same beautiful things that we admire on the canvases of the old masters. These art forms have stood the test of time, and I hope my photographs can inspire others to appreciate the beauty around them,

even in the most ordinary objects".

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