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About My Paintings

The world around us is incredibly beautiful and fascinating, with endless potential to see its magic and wonder. My paintings serve as an emotional gateway for me, depicting nature scenes and fulfilling my desire to rediscover the world's beauty. My personal travels and outdoor observations greatly influence my paintings, as I use my own interpretations of the beauty I see.


I prefer working in my studio, where I use my own photographs, life experience, and inspirational research as a reference for developing my works. I enjoy creating dramatic landscapes and non-figurative compositions, with colorful sunsets, ocean storms, turbulent clouds, vast desert lands, fields of flowers, iridescent northern lights, and mysterious celestial space themes being my primary artistic choices.


I use bold and vibrant colors, sometimes straight out of paint tubes. My preferred medium is acrylics on canvas, as it is fast-drying and versatile. I like experimenting with different methods of applying paint on canvas, such as using my fingertips to mix pigments directly on the canvas, as well as using brushes and palette knives. For some works, I create smooth blending colors by adding one layer at a time, while for others, I use a dry brush loaded with paint to create textured strokes, or add more character with the palette knife.


I pay close attention to details in my works, believing that even adding one tiny star to the evening sky can make a huge impact on the entire representation of the image. I believe that we are all part of one wonderful universe, and my desire to create and share the beauty I see gives me energy and fulfillment. It is greatly rewarding to see someone take a moment and reflect on the piece of art I have created.

The Gift of ART
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