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Meet The Artist

Where are you from and where do you reside?

    I was born and raised in Russia but moved to the US and have been living in North Carolina and calling it home for the last several years.

 Did you go to art school?

    I went to Moscow State Academic Art College and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with a focus on Painting and Theatrical Design.


When did you begin your artistic passion?

  From my yearly childhood, I always was drawn to painting, crafting and theater.  During my early school years, I was studying drawing and painting at the youth art studio.  I think my true interest towards developing an art career took place while living in Australia during my last year of High School.


 Where do you find your day-to-day inspiration?

    I find inspiration from an abundance of things. Nature, music, movies, books, gardening, walks, random conversations and interesting people.  I believe there is always something new to learn from meeting new people, traveling, and observing nature. I am very grateful and quite lucky to experience these wonderful things that enrich my life and give me fuel to create art.

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