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"Let's Talk Art"

NC Museum of Art, Interview with NCMA's Michelle Harrel - Let's Talk Art - Episode 2 Mini Segment
NC Museum of Art, Interview with NCMA's Michelle Harrel - Let's Talk Art - Episode 2 Mini Segment
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NC Museum of Art - Art, Nature,  & People - Golden Mummies - Let's Talk Art  - Episode 2
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NC Museum of Art, The Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park - Let's Talk Art - Episode 2 Mini Segment
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“Let’s Talk Art” is a show that was created as a platform for local visual artists to showcase their talents, inspirations, and creativity.  To share with like minds in the art community and give the public an insight into the creative process.

This is a journey of discovery, getting to know and learn more about the people behind the art.   Art is a unique form of personal expression that can be interpreted in many ways and “Let’s Talk Art” wants to help bring positive attention to these various forms in helping them to shine while also enlightening people of their works.


Now more than ever it is vital for creative minds to share their ideas with the world so that people may experience them fully.


Join Artist Yana Slutskaya as she introduces us to the real people behind the scenes and what inspires them the most to create the art as well as the challenges they face pursuing their passions.  Along with talking to a variety of artists in their studios and workspaces, she will take us to galleries as well as the individual art supporters and organizations to talk about a variety of topics. 


We will explore different forms of artistic expression and different techniques used to make these creations as well as tips from the artists themselves on what it takes to become an artist. 



Whether you are starting out, aspiring to expand your art skills, an established artist, or an art lover, you will enjoy this inside look at the art community!


To be a guest or find out more about the show please contact us!

"Let's Talk Art" is Produced by Happy Media Art Productions and Echelon Music Video Productions

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