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Hello and Welcome to YS Art Studio! 

Here you can explore my collection of original paintings on canvas

and a unique assortment of my still life photography.  
I have a variety of artwork in my gallery for your viewing pleasure that includes colorful landscapes and abstracts done in acrylics and oil. 

I hope you to enjoy my art as well as to add it to your own personal collection by visiting my online store. 


Floral Still Life photography by Yana Slutskaya

Dive into a unique and original collection of Fine Art Photography inspired by The Dutch Golden Age Still Life paintings.

Get inspired with beautiful things and the wonderful fruit of nature that we find on the canvas of old masters.


Yana Slutskaya at the Art gallery

I love Art and I love creating Art!

Participating at numerous Art Shows and Exhibitions gives me opportunity to be part of the creative community and share my creativity with Art lovers across the nation and around the World.

Original Oil
Paintings on Canvas

Water Lilies by Yana Slutskaya

Explore a unique and vibrant impressionistic style collection of oil paintings depicting nature scenes, flowers and gardens!

Original Acrylic
Paintings on Canvas

Vibrant koi painting by Yana Slutskaya

Discover the expressive contemporary landscapes, abstracts and fantasy

theme artwork done in acrylics on canvas.

I hope you to enjoy the beauty of color, movement and light in my paintings!


Yana Slutskaya Online Art Gallery Store

Art makes a unique and thoughtful gift!

Give the joy of Art to that special person in your life for a celebration or a special occasion. Brighten your life within an original artwork that you can cherish and treasure!


Get to know more about my background, my day-to-day inspirations and artistic process.


Contact Yana Slutskaya

Please Reach Out!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my art collection and thank you for visiting my gallery!

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